PIC New Zealand

PIC New Zealand's primary objective has always been to maximise our customers' profitability by continually improving the efficiency of the progeny, produced by sows and boars whose reproductive efficiency is maintained at the highest levels, whilst understanding the direction of the supply chain.

PIC New Zealand is part of the world's largest and most extensive pig breeding and technology company and we are proud to offer our services to the New Zealand pork producer.

PIC New Zealand has always been committed to supporting our customers to become more competitive and sustainable in the developing global pigmeat market. To this end, only PIC New Zealand is able to supply it's customers with breeding stock that is continually benchmarked against the world's best through PIC's global genetic information system, PICtraq™.

As the New Zealand pork industry continues to develop, PIC New Zealand will continue to draw upon its global resources and work with our local resources to supply the New Zealand producer with the best genetic solutions available to maximise the benefits that only PIC can deliver.