PIC's approach to health

The aim of the PIC Health Program is to provide safe distribution of genetic improvement. The company works with customers and their veterinarians to deliver breeding stock or semen while avoiding dissemination of economically significant diseases into customer herds. PIC strives to have a Health Program where communication with customers and their veterinary advisers is open and honest.

Basis of PIC's Health Program

The PIC Health Program is based on the implementation of principles that have evolved since the company was founded in 1962. They can be grouped into four overall guiding principles:

  • Establish herds of high health status: All herds under the control of PIC's Health Program must be established in biosecure locations with the healthiest pigs available for the purpose.
  • Protect herds from disease introduction: All PIC herds are expected to observe PIC biosecurity standards which are some of the strictest in the industry.
  • Have surveillance and monitoring systems in place: With a priority of minimising the risk of dissemination of infections to customers' herds, all PIC herds are continuously assessed for the presence of diseases, biosecurity breaches, and compliance with protocols.
  • Have contingencies in place: In the event a significant pathogen is suspected to enter the system, PIC has mechanisms in place for immediate and pre-determined action to prevent disease movement within the PIC system as well as downstream to customers' herds.

Why is health so important?

Diseases are very costly, and represent one of the most important contributing factors limiting expression of animals' genetic potential.